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Week Beginning 27th April


This week in Maths we are moving on to diving whole numbers by 10 and dividing whole numbers by 100. This then brings us to the end of the decimal’s module, so there are also some activities where you can recap on all the learning you have been doing.

First, look at the ‘PowerPoint Dividing by 10’ which has clear explanations and examples that will help you divide a whole number by 10. When you have looked at the ‘PowerPoint Dividing by 10’, have a go at this activity:

  1. Dividing by 10 Maze

You can then move on to looking at how to divide whole numbers by 100, start off by looking at the ‘PowerPoint Dividing by 100’. When you have looked at the ‘PowerPoint Dividing by 100’, have a go at these activities:

  1. Dividing by 10 and 100 Pixie Measuring
  2. Dividing by 10 and 100 aeroplanes

There are also a variation of worksheets and activities you can have a go at that will recap learning that you have already done in Maths this year. These activities are:

  1. Fraction and Decimals Challenge Cards (the answers are also  uploaded in a separate document)
  2. Colour by Rounding Decimals

Additionally, 2 tasks have been set on MyMaths that you may want to complete:

  1. Doubling and Halving
  2. Mixed tables 2 to 12

Some of the worksheets have 1 star, 2 star and 3 star sheets, where you can pick one of them to do depending on how confident you are feeling. If you are not feeling as confident, start on the 1 star sheets until you feel more secure. Those of you who usually work on the mastery activities or are feeling confident should challenge yourself to complete the 3 star sheets.

Good luck!


See the attached LIteracy plan for activities this week.


This week, we would like you to continue learning about plants. We are focusing on what plants need to grow and we will think about this in detail. There is a video to watch and then some information to read. Your task is then to create a guide on how to look after a plant. You could create a video, poster or information leaflet. Then share this on your Dojo portfolio. All of this information is on the What Plants Need to Grow Powerpoint. 



Food is a big part of Roald Dahl's books. He uses some amazing language to describe delicious chocolates, scrumdiddlyumptious cakes and whizz popping sweets but there's also some disgusting food too. Mrs Twit makes Worm Spaghetti for Mr Twit!

Your topic activity this week is to design a meal or snack for your family and make it if possible. You could design a meal for the family dinner, bake some biscuits or think about what ingredients you would like in a smoothie. Make sure it's tastier than Worm Spaghetti!

  1. Watch a clip from ‘The Twit’s’
  2. Look at the Food hygiene powerpoint then, with an adult, discuss how you will keep yourself safe whilst preparing and making your food.
  3. Decide which meal / snack you would like to make and check that you have all the ingredients you will need. 
  4. WITH ADULT SUPERVISION prepare and make your meal / snack. Don’t forget to take a photo before you eat it – you can upload it to the Dojo website and make your teacher hungry!
  5. As an extra challenge, write out a recipe card and draw your meal / snack. You could start your own cookery book!


Have a go at the Purple Mash activity choosing nouns or pronouns in a sentence. This has been set as a 2Do when you log in. Good luck!