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Week Beginning 4th May


This week in Maths we are moving on to money. We will be looking at writing amounts of money, ordering and comparing amounts of money as well as rounding amounts of money.

First, look at the ‘PowerPoint Pounds and Pence’ to help introduce money and looking at examples of how to write different amounts of money. When you have looked at the PowerPoint and are feeling confident then have a go at the following activities:

  1. Worksheet 1 Pounds and Pence
  2. Worksheet 2 Pounds and Pence
  3. Worksheet 3 Comparing and Ordering Money
  4. Worksheet 4 Ordering money
  5. Worksheet 5 Rounding amounts of money

A key tip to help you with some of your Maths activities is to look back at the learning you have done with decimals and apply some of those methods when looking at amounts of money.

Some of the worksheets have 1 star, 2 star and 3 star sheets, where you can pick one of them to do depending on how confident you are feeling. If you are not feeling as confident, start on the 1 star sheets until you feel more secure. Those of you who usually work on the mastery activities or are feeling confident should challenge yourself to complete the 3 star sheets.

Good luck!


Music is our focus in Topic this week. We are learning about orchestras!

  1. Watch George meets the orchestra…
  2. Make your own mini orchestra at home using whichever instruments you have - even if you only have pans and wooden spoons! Video your tune and share it with your teacher on the Dojo website.
  3. Make a poster about the different families of instruments in an orchestra.
  4. Extension: Can you name all the instruments in the woodwind family?


This week we are focusing on the life cycle of flowering plants.

To begin, open the powerpoint 'Life cycle of a flowering plant powerpoint'. There are two activities and a challenge. 

Activity one is watching a video and making notes/ drawings to help remember key facts. The second activity is reading key information and completing your own life cycle of a bean plant (PDF of sheets attached below called Life cycle of a flowering plant sheets). Choose the sheet that relates to how confident you feel. 

The challenge is to do further research on three other flowering plants which are on the powerpoint. You might  want to watch the time lapses of a sunflower also on the powerpoint. We are really impressed with how your knowledge of plants is flowering!

LITERACY W/C 04.05.20


This week we are going to look at performance poetry.

  1. Watch the performances of these poems. What does the performer do? What are the key features of the performance that engage the viewer? Write a list of the features you notice.

    Chocolate Cake                                                                                 Poems                                                                                                Look at the checklist – did you notice these features?

  2. Choose one of the poems to perform. The performance works best if you can learn the poem. If you can’t learn the whole poem, challenge yourself to learn at least a few lines.

  3. Now you have learnt your poem it is time to start thinking about how you will perform your poem. Watch this video of Michael Rosen who will give you some ideas about what you need to think about.

    Top Tips

    Reread your poem and think about what actions you want to include. How will you change your voice? Have a go at adding in actions and voices. Will you use any props? Practice your poem with these additions.
    You might want to perform your poem to your family and ask for feedback.

  4. If possible film yourself performing the poem. Now time to edit!. Watch the film and think about what is working well, what could be improved. Are you speaking clearly? Will your performance engage your viewer? Make any changes you need to and practice.

  5. Now you are happy with your performance it is time to perform! Perform to your family at home or you could even perform to family members over zoom. If you can record your performance, either audio or video, please upload to ClassDojo.

  6. If you finished your poem and performance before the end of the week, have a go at the V.E. Day reading task. There are 3 levels; one star is easiest, two stars harder, three stars hardest. Pick the one most suitable for you. You only need to complete one.