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Week Beginning 8th June


Your task this week is to research about your favourite sports persons. You could research players from your favourite sport that you looked at last week or it can be any sports people you admire. Once you have researched about these people we would like you to create a set of top trump cards full of all the facts you have found out. There are two examples of top trump cards that you can use to help you. You can decide what categories to include on your top trumps, below are some ideas you could use.

What you could include:

  • Their nationality
  • Their position in the sport
  • Their age
  • Their birthday
  • Their height
  • What sport they play
  • Any medals or trophies they have won

When you have made your top trumps, why not play a game with someone in your house!


Activity One

This week we will be thinking about adapting the model text for our own sports star. The first task is you are going to create a mind map about a sports star of your choice. Draw a picture of them in the middle and around the outside you need to include key facts about their life. If you cannot think of your own and would rather not research there is information about Kobe Bryant attached. There is a powerpoint and PDF version of the powerpoint below. 

Activity Two

For this activity, you need to go through the Usain Bolt model text and highlight vocabulary. Choose one colour to highlight words that you haven’t seen before or words that you are unsure of their meaning. Look up these words in a dictionary or using the internet and write out their meanings. Choose another colour to highlight key descriptive words. You then need to come up for synonyms for these words. For example, if you choose to highlight the word “passion,” a synonym could be “desire”. Write a list of the words you have highlighted and their synonyms.

Activity Three

Using your mind map of facts about your sports star, you will need to make some bullet points under headings. Examples of headings you could use are: Early Life, Start of Career, Greatest Achievements and Retirement. You can change this to suit your star if you want to. Remember that headings need to be underlined. Try and have at least 3 bullet points underneath each heading.

Activity Four

Your challenge today is to think about what we have learnt about our vocabulary choices and how to structure a biography you need to choose a paragraph to write up using your plan. The toolkit we spoke about last week (look at previous page of Online learning if you need a reminder) will help you to think about key things you need to include. If you would like some help there is a sheet called Writing structure you can use.

Activity Five

Short Burst Write

Look at the picture: 

  • What do you think of this setting?
  • Is this a good place to play football? Why/why not?
  • What are the pros? Cons?
  • Which half/side do you think has the advantage?
  • If you were playing here, how would you adapt to this pitch?
  • Why do you think this pitch was built here?