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Week Commencing 11.01.21

Please find a weekly timetable below. This is the timetable we will be following in school so if your child is attending school on some days, please make sure that they are following the same timetable at home so that they are not missing or repeating lessons. Thanks.


This week, we will be starting a new topic on writing instructions. We will be basing the instructions this week on how to care for a dragon.  On Monday,  we will be introduced to the topic and you need to watch the following clip: 

Tuesday and Wednesday's lessons are both based on describing the dragon. We will be thinking about how to describe the dragon's personality and appearance. On Thursday and Friday we will be thinking about which features we should be including in a set of instructions and how we can uplevel a bad set of instructions. This week, we have recorded audio for some of the slides so we have attached the powerpoint and a PDF version of the powerpoint. The powerpoint is split into Monday- Wednesday and then Thursday- Friday and is saved below. The audio clips are Miss King reading out the text on the slide and providing a bit of extra information. 

Good luck and don't forget to upload to the website!


This week we are starting to look at book 'The Hodgeheg' by Dick King-Smith. For this week we will just be focusing on Chapter 1and on the PDF you will find a copy of Chapter 1 for you to read. Each day you will be focusing on a different reading skill where you will answer questions about Chapter 1. Remember to post your answers onto your portfolio.


This week, we would like to try out some yoga. Yoga is a great way of calming the mind whilst also exercising. Why not upload a photo of you trying some of the yoga poses! Everything you need can be found below.


Year Three

In maths this week we will be thinking about multiplying by eight on Monday and Tuesday and then moving onto division for the rest of the week. Don't forget to use your 100 squares to help you!

Year Four

This week we will be starting Chapter 4 which is further multiplication and division. Remember to keep using the My Maths website and Times Tables Rock Stars too. 


We are continuing to learn how to talk about the weather in French. Have a look at the BBC Bitesize page: 

BBC Bitesize


Use the audio clips to practise saying the different phrases. Say each phrase lots of different times in silly voices, listening to the audio each time to help you with your pronunciation.

Stop at the Seasons section as we are only focussing on the weather this week. When you have practised saying the phrases, look at the French weather support sheet and use it to help you to complete the French weather matching activity. If you want an additional extension, draw a picture and label it with the type of weather it shows. Remember to upload your work to Dojo. Bonne Chance!


This week we are starting a new topic on the Vikings! Read through the Powerpoint (also in a PDF) to find out about who the Vikings were, and then have a go at the timeline activity.


Create your own nature artwork using resources that you have collected from the natural world.


This week you will be exploring your local area (your garden or the local park) and recording which living things you find there.



Please see the attached sheet below for instructions.