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Week beginning 13th July

Please choose one task from each subject per day. We would love to see what tasks your child has chosen to do at home, so please send these to your child's class teacher via Class Dojo. 

There are also some fantastic daily lessons and activities on BBC Bitesize for all ages and subjects. 

English Daily Tasks:

Please see the attachments below for this week's English daily tasks. We have also included a reading comprehension and some handwriting sheets for you to use to practise your spellings. You will also find some phonics activities to complete on Purple Mash.

Maths Activities

This week, the children will be  learning to recognise and describe simple patterns and relationships involving numbers and shapes. They will learn to describe the rule of a pattern and begin to solve and explain their solution to a given problem. In addition, the children will be encouraged to use the language 'clockwise', 'anticlockwise', 'quarter', 'half' and three quarters' to describe some of the patterns. 

All week: Mental Arithmetic Activities- Fluent in Five, Mental Arithmetic Quiz and Hit the Button

Lesson 1: Can you complete the shape pattern game? This game requires the children to work out the missing shape in the sequence. 

Lesson 2: Complete the shape pattern worksheet (task 1 and task 2).

Lesson 3: Begin this lesson by encouraging your child to go through the shape pattern problem solving teaching slides. After this, your child should then complete the shape pattern reasoning and problem solving worksheets (task 1 and task 2).

Lesson 4: Practice completing number sequences with this interactive game.

Lesson 5: Complete the number sequences worksheets (task 1 and task 2)

Lesson 6: With someone in your family, can you discuss the questions on the worksheet and prove whether they are true or false?

*Challenge Task: Can you complete the problem 'A City of Towers' on the NRICH website? *

Topic tasks:

This week in topic we are exploring art by David Hockney, making our own paint using food, herbs and household items and painting our own seasonal landscape pictures. There are also a range of activities planned on Purple Mash to enjoy and share on Class Dojo.